Blue Lantern Learning was created to fill a need in services for children in Southern Manitoba who are facing behaviour and/or learning challenges. Long wait lists for funded programs in addition to a relative scarcity of behavioural intervention for various diagnoses are leaving many parents feeling lost and alone in dealing with the unique learning needs of their children. Blue Lantern Learning strives to fill that gap with various solutions based on the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis in order to help families and children thrive. We want to "light your child's path" of learning and growth.


Mission Statement


Our mission is to have our trained and professional staff provide friendly and caring intervention for children struggling with behaviour and/or learning challenges. We want to help children find and follow their individual learning paths to become the best they can be.


Vision Statement


Our vision is to provide state-of-the art behavioural intervention for children who are facing behavioural and/or learning challenges. When children are learning effectively, challenging behaviours reduce and quality of life improves. We want children and families to feel comfortable with our staff. A friendly and fun atmosphere is important to us. We also strive to be transparent in our procedures so that parents/caregivers are aware of and have contributed to goals set for their children and are able to see the progress being made. We value parents/caregivers input into our programming and actively seek their feedback regarding our processes.

Another key piece of our vision is that our professional culture be one of respect, health, and fun. Work should be rewarding for our staff and we should all work together as a team to implement high quality intervention. Working with children should be as fun as it is challenging. However, a healthy balance between personal and work life is important. Therefore we value employee’s leisure activities and strive to support our staff in their life pursuits, whether it is further education or development of a skill that is important to them.