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ABA Workshops

60  minute workshops for parents, caregivers, early childhood educators, paraprofessionals, professionals, or anyone wanting to learn more about behavioural intervention. These workshops will provide an understanding of autism and/or ADHD, as well as many behavioural tools. Please tap the Description button for more information about the workshop topics. Workshops can be purchased as a single workshop or as a punchcard of 10 workshops with one free upon completion of the card.


An added feature, to accompany some of our workshops, we are offering 1 hr coaching sessions in your home. Coaching can be purchased in conjunction with a single workshop or in packages of 3.

Please note, in order to run a workshop, at least 10 people must be signed up. If you would prefer to pay at the door, we do accept cash only and it would be appreciated if you could register by sending an email letting us know you are coming. Enrollment is limited to 25, in order to ensure the best experience. If there is enough interest, more sections will be opened up.


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